Gavin Bartlett | Senior Artist
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About Me

With more than fourteen years in the industry and several held in senior positions, I have a thorough understanding of what is required to produce fantastic looking AAA video games. I am able to adapt to many artistic styles, am methodical and organised and can be focused on the details yet have a great awareness of the overall picture. I have completed many development cycles – including an open world title for the Xbox One and have a thorough understanding of the complexities involved with environment and asset creation, especially with regards to design and game play considerations as well as technological constraints.

Commercial Titles

Below are links to all of the games I have worked on to date.  I have shipped several titles ranging from the original Xbox to PS3 and most notably Xbox One! I have a thorough understanding of the art pipeline required to produce the best results and can adapt these techniques to even the most stylised of games.  Thanks for looking.
Bizarre Creations published by Activision, Commercial