Forza Horizon 2

Playground Games : Forza Horizon 2 (Microsoft)

      • In charge of Tuscany , East side of Nice and the Airport areas.
      • Team lead of seven (three senior, two junior and two outsource artists)
      • High-level workflow 
      • Relied on heavily for art prototyping and visual benchmarks
      • Shader development
      • Best practices
      • Tool requests, suggested improvements and feedback
      • Outsource support including onsite tuition and mentoring
      • Extensive documentation and ‘how to guides’


Playground Games : Forza Horizon 2 ‘ Storm Island’ DLC (Microsoft)

      • Island splat-map creation
      • Volcanic texture creation
      • Creation of volcanic rock assets
      • Festival hub arrangement
Forza Horizon 2 Storm Island. Responsible in these shots for splat map and terrain textures, small and large rocks and tree / foliage placement
Forza Horizon 2 : Responsible for making 'Photogrammetry' usable and coming up with a workflow solution for in-house and outsource partners to use.
Forza Horizon 2 : Some WIP shots of areas of Tuscany I worked on. Road texturing, terrain splat map creation, foliage placement.
In the screenshots below, you will see all of the areas for which I had ownership of including half of Nice, large areas of Tuscany and the Airport area, later used for a DLC pack.

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