The Forest

The Forest – Open World 

Steam early access title – First Person Survival Horror Game

Before : Initial brief included a small worked up area and a rough area overview. I was the only artist to work on the terrain and took it to final quality.

After : Finished Island 

Responsibilities included…

  • Idea generation for areas
  • Height map sculpting for the whole island
  • Texture painting and blending
  • Creation of cliff sets to be used throughout
  • Placement of specific boulder types
  • Grass placement throughout
  • Whiteboxing of end level cave 

Screenshots taken with-in Unity (note Ocean and Water isn’t being rendered)

Placed cliff work, boulders and sinkhole

WIP shot showing how the Island was broken down into manageable sections.

WIP shot showing early progress, southern island had been worked up before moving onto the northern sections.

WIP shot showing seabed texture painting and miniature Island creation


All screenshots were taken by myself and were taken between September and November 2015.  

Foreground to background transition 

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